Quick Answer: How To Test Thermal Limiter Switch On Range Radiant Heating Element?

What is the purpose of a radiant element temperature limiter?

The limiter used on radiant elements serves two purposes; it protects against overheating by shutting down power to the element should it become too hot and also contains a switch which when hot allows a ‘hot surface’ indicator light to display on the range for personal safety.

How do you know if a switch is infinite?

Remove all wires from the switch terminals. (Remember to label them!) Set the infinite switch on high and place your ohmmeter on the L2, H2, P and H1 terminals to check for continuity. If there is no continuity between L1 and H1 or between L2 and H2, the infinite switch is defective.

How do I know if my infinite switch is bad?

A typical condition you’ll see when an infinite switch goes bad is that the surface element won’t heat or it will just go to high heat no matter what the setting on the switch.

How does an infinite heat switch work?

It uses a bi-metallic strip conductive connection across terminals that disconnects with increased temperature. As current passes through the bimetal connection, it will heat and deform, breaking the connection and turning off the power. After a short time, the bimetal will cool and reconnect.

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How many ohms should a stove element have?

You should see a reading between 20-ohms and 115-ohms. If you do not get a reading, the heating element is faulty.

How does a radiant element work?

Radiant Operation Radiant cooktops heat by passing electricity through heating elements below the smooth ceramic top. These elements radiate their heat without appreciably warming the surrounding air. Then the heat is sent out in waves through the ceramic cover to the cookware.

What is radiant element?

Radiant elements are much like traditional coil burners. The coils are housed under the surface of the smooth top’s surface and, as the name suggests, it then radiates heat up to your pot or pan.

Why does my electric stove turn on and off?

It is normal for the surface burners on an electric range or cooktop to cycle on and off at settings other than Hi. This is done to maintain an even temperature at the heat selection that has been chosen.

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